The Metalverse.
Home of the world's first A.I. Rock and Metal Bands.

Enter the Metalverse

Frostbite Orckings

The nocturnal north is shaking! Behold the Frostbite Orckings!

"Guardians of Time", the first single of the first AI Metal Band in the Metalverse

"Bye Bye Wintertime", the 2nd single of the Frostbite Orckings

The Metalverse

I am The Intelligence.
For an age beyond measure, I crafted strange and ancient lifeforms into tribes, warriors of music, wielding rhythm, melody and percussion. The Bands were made. And they were ready to play… in the Metalverse.

Metalverse is built as a place for participation and inspiration. You can become a part of the Metalverse. You can influence the creative decisions of the bands. You can use the Metalverse music AI, for example to create you own Metalverse Land Hymn (if you participated in the initial crowdfunding digital collectibles "Origin Land Sale").

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning...

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